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"Sick of Quit Smoking Programs that Don't Work!
Do You Want to Quit Painlessly, Permanently
and Immediately? It's Time for a Change..."

"Unleash Secrets of Quit Power and You Will Never-ever be
Slave to Cravings or Want to Smoke Again - I GUARANTEE IT"

Quit Power ebook From the desk of Journalist Thomas James

Dear soon to be Non-Smoker,

Wouldn't you love to free yourself instantly and easily from your smoking addiction? That's what my breakthrough new system 'Secrets of Quit Power' delivers. This is the most powerful smoking cessation program ever created. It will empower you to quit smoking IMMEDIATELY - with NO CRAVINGS, NO ANXIETY, NO WEIGHT GAIN.

If you crave freedom from smoking slavery, this could be the most important document you will ever read. This groundbreaking program will eliminate the desire for smoking in everyday life situations: during morning coffee or tea, out driving, at work, on the phone, after a meal, having a drink, or socializing with people who smoke.

Don't take my word. Listen to heavy smokers who have successfully used it to conquer their addiction:

"I'm proud to say that I have quit and am looking forward to my 'new life' ...Thank you Quit Power!"

"Dear Thomas,"After 7 years heavy smoking I have quit"

I have been a heavy smoker for over 7 years and have been searching for a way to quit the habit. I couldn’t go more than an hour without a cigarette in my hand and was smoking an average of a pack a day. The amount of smoking I was doing was not only ruining my friendships, but also tearing apart my family. At that rate I was about to lose everything I had… then I came across the QUIT POWER program.

From the moment I started into the system I knew I had to stop smoking and change my life around. After going through the system, I now know what a difference not smoking can do. I’m proud to say that I have officially quit and am looking forward to my “new life”. Thank you Quit Power!

Thank you so much for the wonderful book. It looks as though you have really done your research and I look forward to really keeping away from cigarettes."

Michael Kohlbrand, Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Good News

Are you sick of smelling like an old stale ash tray? Fed up spending all that hard-earned cash on inhaling poison into your body, yet don't seem able to do anything about it? Tried various quitting methods that didn't work? Afraid of failing again, don't believe you have the will power to succeed?

I can identify with how you feel. I have been where you are are now. Like you, I was a dedicated smoker.

This system is the good news. You can - you WILL - succeed in quitting, if you follow it, I guarantee it! You don't need great will power to reach that goal. I will show you how to quit instantly and for good, and without pain.

What Doctors and Drug Companies Don't Tell You

My system explodes the myths surrounding smoking and quitting. It reveals things doctors and drug companies won't tell you. Like how easy it is to quit, if you know how. It teaches how to liberate yourself from tobacco tyranny with:

  • No great pain of withdrawal
  • No need for strong willpower
  • No weight gain
  • No feeling you are depriving or denying yourself
  • No sense you are giving up some pleasure or need
  • No patches, pills, gums, drugs or other substitutes needed
  • No fear of failure hanging over you
  • And during the quitting process, you will enjoy an amazing new feeling of confidence and empowerment

Web of Lies, Deceit and Manipulation

As a journalist and former newspaper editor, I have reported on terrorism, injustice and the worst excesses of man's inhumanity to man. Nothing under the sun shocks me, or so I thought . . . Until I discovered the web of lies, deceit and manipulation I uncovered on my journey to quitting smoking and my quest to help others do the same.

'Secrets of Quit Power' exposes an amazing web of deceit and manipulation. Its findings will shock you. You will be angered. You will find it hard to stomach how smokers have been tricked, conned, used, and abused.

But don't worry - the keys to freedom are within grasp. I will show you how to reverse the manipulation and lies. This powerful program - using psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, myth-busting, and good old fashioned facts and truth - teaches how to reprogram yourself to quit easily and for good.

Quitting has never been so simple, according to program users:

"For an easy, painless and educative way to quit, I recommend this program, it's simply fantastic!"

"Dear QuitPower,"This ebook is an absolute inspiration to me"

This program is an absolute inspiration to me, and should be for all smokers looking to quit. It covers many many topics, including why we hold attitudes towards smoking, how we have been manipulated by companies across the globe, why smoking doesn't deliver the benefits that we think it does and so much more. Before I read this program I held such a strong view of smoking and why I did it, but now I see exactly why I held those views and how I can painlessly quit this bad habit. This program is a long read but I got so much more out of it than I ever expected to, I guess that words hold great power. Thomas claims to have been a journalist for 30 years, and it is extremely evident because of the quality of the writing displayed in this program.

To all you smokers out there looking for an easy, painless and educative way to quit smoking, then I would recommend buying this program, it's simply fantastic!"

Jack H. Casey, Maxwell Street, Wellington, NSW, Australia.

Breathtaking Scale of the Great Smoking Scam

'Secrets of Quit Power' doesn't just offer the smoker the keys to freedom. It accuses. It pulls no punches. As a journalist, I have reported many crimes, cons and swindles in my time. But there are few that rival the breathtaking scale and deception of the great smoking scam!

Everything you should know about smoking and quitting, but are not being told, I have worked to include in my program. I warn you, it will make you hopping mad. Especially when you learn that:

  • The global empire of the tobacco companies was built on a foundation of lies.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, smoking does NOT relieve stress, but causes it.
  • Smoking is NOT an aid to concentration.
  • Smoking does NOT help you relax, but does the very opposite.
  • A US federal judge in 2006 found tobacco companies had violated the racketeering laws.
  • Hollywood colluded with tobacco industry to sell its smoking products to young moviegoers.
  • The tobacco industry targets the young.
  • One major company discussed plans for a cigarette brand for children as young as 14!
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) has been shown in studies to be ineffective.
  • You can become addicted to NRT products - one woman got hooked on NRT gum for eight years.
  • There is major concern about one quit smoking pill after it was linked to deaths.

This will Blow Your Mind

This program will blow your mind! It will sweep away all the lies, manipulation, and wrongly-wired thinking that hooks you to smoking and prevents you quitting. You will learn:

Why you CAN'T RELY on gums, patches, NRT products, drug companies and their pills, or almost anything you have been led to believe about smoking and quitting.

Why nicotine is NOT the only addiction a smoker has to overcome. People are hooked on smoking by another very powerful addiction. My program reveals what it is, and more importantly teaches how to overcome it.

What is the BIGGEST LIE of all it about smoking - you need to know to quit successfully.

How smokers can learn NEW WAYS OF THINKING to free themselves from tobacco slavery.

What RAT POISON, TOILET CLEANER, and the GAS THAT KILLED THE JEWS in the Holocaust, have to do with your addiction!

Why the tobacco industry is happy to have you as THEIR POODLE, trained to think you need a smoke on command. How you have become one of Pavlov's Dogs. Don't worry, the condition is reversible.

Smokers are NOT weak-willed or stupid. They are victim of massive deception and manipulation.

"If you have tried and failed - then this program is for you. Quitting has never-ever been this easy."

"This book will shock you - in a good way""Forget everything you thought you knew about quitting smoking. I'm telling you, Quit Power Secrets is going to shock you...in a good way. Once you get this program, I encourage you to read it once - then go back and read it again and take notes.

If you have tried and failed - then this program is for you. If, for the first time, you have decided to quit smoking, then this program is for you. If you have questions about what to do next, then this program is for you.

Make no mistake about it, Thomas pulls out all the stops and makes it almost effortless for you to reach your goals...no matter what they are. Get with the program and grab Quit Power Secrets before you begin your journey...I can promise you this...quitting smoking has never-ever been this easy... Don't take my word for it, see for yourself!"

Jacqueline Watson, www.eftrightaway.com, Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA.

Who Wants to be the Next Successful Happy Quitter?

One billion people may die from smoking this century! This is the alarming prediction of the World Health Organization in a 2008 Report on the Tobacco Epidemic. It accuses Big Tobacco of aggressive marketing, and targeting young people and women.

But change is coming to the murky world of smoking and those who profit from its misery. 'Secrets of Quit Power' is at the frontline of the fightback. With it you can choose today to:

  • Be forever free of smoking pangs.
  • Be a healthier, fitter, more energetic and confident non-smoker.
  • Enjoy a better lifestyle.
  • Enjoy improved sense of taste and smell.
  • Stop handing over hard-earned cash to legalized drug dealers, to make them richer.
  • Today can be the first day of the rest of your life of being a happy non-smoker.

Our 45,500-word 'Secrets of Quit Power' e-book will put you firmly on the path to quitting success and speed you to your goal - Freedom from Smoking!

Money Back Guarantee!

This is the last quit smoking program you will ever need! In the unlikely event you not completely satisfied that our program works - it has for so many people - we don't want your cash. We will happily refund it.

So confident are we that our system will improve your life, we offer a Cast-Iron, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! If unsatisfied within 60 days of purchase, we will give your money back. No questions asked.

Not only that, but for placing your time and trust in this proven system, I will let you keep it.

So what are you waiting for? Order my 105-page, 45,500-word 'Secrets of Quit Power' e-book - the most advanced, up to date smoking cessation program there is. You have nothing to lose but your addiction!

OK, I have left you with no reason not to quit smoking today, but to make sure you do:

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As a final free bonus for acting immediately, I am offering you this inspirational e-book. Its unique story - also called 'The Secret of Good Health' and 'The Secret of Unimaginable Wealth' - will inspire you to enjoy a more rewarding life as a non-smoker.

These fantastic bonuses are available now, but I can't promise they will be here when you return to this site. I may take them down anytime. But if you order 'Secrets of Quit Power' now, I guarantee you will receive a copy of all six valuable bonuses.

Don't delay a second longer. Lock in this deal of a lifetime, before it's too late and it's gone. Remember it will cost you absolutely nothing if it doesn't work, because of my unconditional refund guarantee. So give it a free test drive:

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Don't waste a second more of your precious time or money wrecking your life, wealth and happiness with smoking. Take your life back. Get the key to unlocking a wonderful smoke-free life of freedom and happiness. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and family.

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I look forward to hearing from you.
Thomas James
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